Seeing the north with sankey:


Local volunteers have curated this exhibition ‘Photo in Focus’ during lockdown, choosing their favourite photographs from the vast Sankey archive to explore in depth. 

Since January 2020, local people have attended workshops to enable them to describe, catalogue and research the archive, which comprises some 15,000 images taken from 1895 to 1965 by father and son team Edward and Raymond Sankey across Barrow-in-Furness and the wider area of Cumbria and Lancashire. 

The 15,000 images capture day-to-day life and some of the momentous events that shaped the town and over its remarkable period of development.

Get a rare glimpse of a few of these incredible images, some of which have remained unseen for over 100 years!

For the best experience, we recommend viewing this exhibition on a desktop computer. We hope you enjoy the show!

‘H399, Wastwater Hotel’ 1960. Edward and Raymond Sankey

© Sankey Family Photography Collection
Tim Sankey Photography Collection.

'Oak Lea Fire Outrage' 1913, Edward Sankey.

© Sankey Family Photography Collection

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'‘1334, Mauna Loa’ 1911. Edward Sankey

© Sankey Family Photography Collection

Thank you to the Sankey Family for generously donating the Sankey Family Photography Collection to Cumbria Archives and making this project possible.

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  1. Lee Henderson

    Thanks for these beautiful observations in past time! Amazing historic art.

  2. Irene

    Fascinating glimpses of a Barrow before my time.

  3. Jocelyn

    Amazing! Incredible to see the sailing ships! They look so intricate

  4. Helen Wall

    Stunning, left me with butterflies and close to tears – and I thought I knew a lot about the collection

  5. Garry Lingard

    , enjoyed it very much

    1. Garry Lingard


  6. Garry Lingard

    Fascinating glimpses into the past, enjoyed it very much

  7. Hugh Edwards


  8. Kezia

    A wonderful online exhibition – great to explore the images in more depth, can’t wait to see more uncovered for the next one!

    1. Julia Parks

      Thank you Kezia – pleased you enjoyed the exhibition. We will be doing a second show very soon.

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