‘4025 Collision at Millom Station’ 1913. Edward Sankey

© Sankey Family Photography Collection.

rAfter the Fire at Waddington's Factory

February 1913

Researched by Stephe Cove

“The inhabitants of Millom were startled on Wednesday evening when the news spread that a serious railway smash had occurred at the station.

The 6.26 passenger train from Barrow was being shunted into the coach shed when a goods train from Whitehaven crashed into the last coach, which became a total wreck, being splintered like matchwood. The engine was derailed, and the carriage crashed over into the signal-box, which was practically demolished, the signalman, Holmes, having a narrow escape of being killed outright. But for the fact that he was pinned to a chimney by a piece of wood, he would undoubtedly have been killed, but he was only cut about the head. The engine-driver and stoker of the goods train escaped without a scratch.

Mr Jones, the wheel examiner, also had a miraculous escape, for his cabin, was also wrecked.

The wrecked signal-box and overturned coaches completely blocked the line, and a breakdown gang arrived shortly after eleven, and with the aid of the crane worked at the debris the whole of the night, After many hours of laborious work, the engine was again got on to the metals, and the line eventually cleared just before noon.

The pathway to Haverigg was the scene of a large crowd the whole of yesterday, and photographers were early on the scene.

The cause of the accident is attributed to the dense fog which prevailed at the time and the slippery state of the metals.”

From report in Millom Gazette of Friday February 28th 1913 (British Newspaper Archive)