‘303, After the Fire at Waddington’s Factory’ 1906. Edward Sankey

© Sankey Family Photography Collection.

rAfter the Fire at Waddington's Factory

November 1906

Written by Stephe Cove

On Sunday 18th November 1906, there was a large gathering of firemen and dignitaries at the Barrow Central Fire Station, for a presentation to Barrow’s late Mayor, Councillor G. S. Heath. J.P.

“Just as the company joined in singing ‘God Save the King’ the fire alarm bell sounded, with the news that there was blaze at Messrs. Waddington and Longbottom’s foundry in Hindpool Road. The National Anthem was left unfinished; the officers and men threw off their clothes for the fireman’s uniform, and, three minutes after receiving the call, the manual engine was being drawn out of the station yard en-route to the fire. The new steam engine was in very brief space of time also en-route, and shortly afterwards another engine was sent to the conflagration.

The officials were seized with the general excitement, and there was a rush to Hindpool Road. The flames had already burst through the roof of the pattern shop, and with much inflammable material, the flare became apparent for miles around. Crowds congregated in Cornwallis-street and Hindpool road, but they did not interfere with the firemen

Sometimes there were bursts of fire fully 30ft. high, but after two hours’ work the brigades were masters of the situation. The damage is very heavy, but there has been no official estimate given.

Another sensational incident happened about nine o’clock, when an old man, reported to be foreman at Messrs. Waddington’s. suddenly collapsed whilst standing against the ex-Mayor of Barrow, and died almost immediately.”


The Foundry  Sign promises “Ship Repairs Promptly Executed”

This image was originally featured in the Lancashire Post, Monday 19th November 1906