‘A202, Solar Eclipse at Biggar Bank, Walney Island’. 1925, Raymond and Edward Sankey

© Sankey Family Photography Collection.

Solar Eclipse at Biggar Bank, Walney Island

24th January 1925

Written by John Harrison

This image intrigued me. It’s certainly something I did not expect to come across while working on part the Sankey Photo collection! It is a picture of an Eclipse viewed from Biggar Bank. You don’t see many of those so I was interested to find out more about it.

The eclipse took place on January 24th 1925 at 14:54. It was a total eclipse but totality could not be seen in the UK however it was quite a spectacular partial eclipse for us and Mr Sankey has captured it at nearly the maximum coverage we would have been able to see.

Regarding the postcard what a lovely image it is. Mr Sankey had a bit of luck and had ideal conditions to witness the event. The weather is good and the sea is flat calm enabling him to capture the eclipse and some lovely reflections too.

Album page of solar eclipse in Album A1-355.
This shows the path of the eclipse as it crossed the Earth and shows the path of the totality.