‘7142 Royal Sturgeon Caught at Cark in Cartmel’ . 1917. Edward Sankey

© Sankey Family Photography Collection.

rRoyal Sturgeon Caught at Cark in Cartmel

3rd July 1917

7142 (Album 09 7127-7476) ​

Written by Rod White

Broadbents Fishmongers on Cavendish Street proudly show a Royal Sturgeon caught at Cark in Cartmel. 8ft 3in long; 228 pounds weight. (2.51m; 103.4kgs). Sturgeons are ROYAL fish, nominally owned by the monarch. We believe this fish is the now critically endangered European Sturgeon which was once widespread across UK rivers.

The Broadbents traded at 38-40 Cavendish Street.  William Hill have recently been at 38-42 Cavendish Street.

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