‘915 The Sailing Ship Kelburn L 1899, Barrow-i n-Furness’ 1910. Edward Sankey

© Sankey Family Photography Collection.

rThe Sailing Ship Kelburn L 1899

September 1910​

Written by Dr Peter Schofield​

Here is a photograph of the Kelburn Sailing ship docked in Barrow taken on 8th September, 1910. A couple of weeks previously the ship came into some difficulty in Morecambe bay recounted in this newspaper article;

Lancashire Evening Post, Saturday 27 August 1910 – “At 11 pm last night a message was received at Roa Island from Walney lighthouse that a vessel was in distress in Morecambe Bay.  The Barrow lifeboat had been dismantled for painting, and word was forwarded to the harbour master at Barrow, who sent the tugboat Furness to locate the vessel and render assistance if possible.  The tide was running strongly, and the Furness made a fruitless search, returning to port some hours later.  When daylight came the sailing ship Kelburn with a part cargo of timber from London for Barrow, was seen to be ashore on Yeomen Bank in Morecambe Bay.  Smaller craft anchored in Walney and Piel Channels had broken away from their moorings, two or three yachts being ashore on Foulney Island, but otherwise no serious damage is reported” 

 However, despite damage not being reported from this event, an article written in the Lloyds Register in 17 November 1910 shows the Messrs. R. Shankland and Company sold the vessel to shipbreakers soon after. The Kelburn was the last sail ship in their ownership after gradually disposing of their fleet in favour of more modern steamers.