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Window on Walney Project Update

With funding received from the People’s Health Lottery, our ‘Window on Walney’ project has gathered and celebrated stories from right across the island and the ages. We’ve created opportunities for every generation living on the island to master various digital skills as well has bringing together different age groups to celebrate their community.

We recently we invited various communities on Walney to a Spring Fair which offered residents  the chance to sign up to get computer help or be involved in filmmaking. The April Spring Fair also has multiple stalls and things to do.

Residents of Eamont Close sheltered housing on Walney Island are invited to attend weekly afternoon workshops that provide tea, cake and help with creative digital skills. Some residents come simply to master the skill of typing and others have gone on to produce monthly newsletters.

Stephanie Bryant, Project Assistant speaks very fondly of the project

‘We’ve got a core group that come each week and it’s amazing to see how well they are progressing with their computer skills. However, it’s not always about enhancing their digital skills, it’s become a lot more than that. It’s about meeting your neighbour and hearing stories. The beauty of the Eamont workshops is the freedom and independency that it has offered the residents.’

We’re excited to mention that one of Eamont’s residents, Tony Frankowski has done particularly well with his photography. At 65, Tony has only recently become a highly skilled amateur photographer. It was a hobby that he began after various illnesses and the urge to be alone with nature. At first tony shied away from our workshops, however, after being asked to present his photography work to North Walney Juniors a couple of months ago, Tony has frequented Eamont workshops ever since. With the help from the Signal team Tony has displays his work at Walney Library. You are welcome to drop in and view his exhibition. He will also be displaying his work at Barrow Library and the Forum 28.

We’ve also worked with North Walney Juniors on a week-long filmmaking course for 8-11s where participants interviewed local people. The film is a dramatised ‘Beast of Walney’ documentary which includes animated animals of Walney. This film will be a screened on Tuesday 16th June at North Walney Primary School.

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