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Premiere Screening with Achieve North West

This month saw the launch of our 3 short dramatized awareness-raising films made in collaboration with Achieve North West and Cumbria Probation Trust. The screening was held in Cooke’s Studios on Tuesday 24th July. Click here to watch the films.

The films are the culmination of a project where we worked with ex-offenders to help improve their own skills through exploring creative digital media. The aim was to produce films that raise awareness to employers of the issues faced by ex-offenders trying to gain employment or volunteering – and to help address and challenge the stigmas surrounding employing ex-offenders.

The project was funded by Big Lottery, ESF and Achieve and during the project we collected real life stories from the participants and became acutely aware of the issues associated with the stigma related to being an ex-offender.

The final stage of the project was the making of 3 short ‘stings’ that came from these real experiences. The films were directed by Ben Salavati and involved a talented and entirely local cast and were shot in Barrow-in-Furness.

We hope the films will be seen by many employers and encourage them to look past the tick in the box that says ‘criminal record’.

Alongside the dramatized films informative documentaries and case studies have been made for employers and the public to find out more about the issues raised.

All the films will be shared online as well as via DVD.

Click here to read more about the project and watch the films.