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Music Generated by the Tide Workshop

Signal shared its space with local sound artists and enthusiasts The Octopus Collective who organised a day’s event ‘Floodtide’.

Floodtide is a project created and masterminded by John Eacott, an algorithmic musician and composer, who has been submerging sensors in and around England in an attempt to create music from the movement of water. He recently sunk a sensor in Walney Channel, which measured and gathered tidal flow information and converted it into musical notes. The notes were then displayed through the Floodtide website where musicians could look them up using smartphones and tablets.

The Octopus Collective invited local musicians to play together through the technology enabled by John Eacott. The Floodtide event and workshop ran in Signal’s event space on Saturday 19th July.  It was a controversial and fascinating workshop that invited musicians to bring their own instruments and vocal chords to create a mini pop-up orchestra, who after rehearsing at Signal then went onto perform live at the Dock Museum, gathering an inquisitive audience. The music played was both creative and semi-improvised, it was therapeutic and charming to listen to. The day was recorded by Signal, you can watch the film below.

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