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Cooke’s Crew Celebrates Year 2

Cooke’s Crew young filmmakers showcased their films to a large audience as the 11-16 filmmaking club celebrates it’s 2nd year of successful projects. Over the last 2 years various films have been produced including animation, live-action puppetry and drama. This year we’ve successfully awarded 21 participants with Bronze Arts Award certificates.

During the celebration event the participants were all awarded with special Signal Film and Media certificates and answered questions asked by the audience. Around 70 people came to the Cooke’s celebration event that was held at Signal’s cinema space.

There have been 3 Cooke’s Crew projects over the last 2 years, and our youngsters have produced 4 short films . The clubs first film ‘Tweet’ won the Runner up in the Under 18 original screenplay award at Cumbria Short Film Competition in 2014.

To watch all our Cooke’s Crew films including all of our behind the scenes created over the past 2years click here

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