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John Woodcock’s Furness Summer Camp

As part of our Signal Starters Holiday Workshops for children, funded by BBC Children In Need, we’ve teamed up with John Woodcock’s Furness Summer Camp to lead on two days of exciting digital workshops. The 3-week camp is currently being held at Furness College in Barrow-in-Furness.

We set the ball rolling on August 6th and over the course of the day we trained 50, 9-10 year old kids in some basic digital media skills.

The children had one-to-one help with Signal’s workshop leaders and were all lively and keen to produce some creative work. The children picked up the ability to create stop motion animations, where they were lead by local animator Russell Peet in producing plasticine monsters. Then, the second workshop was an insight into digital photography using SLR cameras. The youngsters were taught how to create compositions and learning the rules of photography and the secrets of breaking those rules. The final workshop was in filmmaking and using video cameras where the children were taken through the various types of camera angles. They learnt sequence making and finished by watching their own short films.

The camp has been running since the beginning of August and has been produced with the vision of creating a fun-filled curriculum for Year 5 learners focusing on promoting healthy and active lifestyles, alongside numeracy and literacy. Next week we’re back at the Summer Camp to deliver our final workshop.


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