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Window On Walney

Several residents, who have been attending Thursday Workshops with Signal Film and Media at Eamont Close since November 2014 on Walney, have taken their new learnt skills in Photoshop and Word and have got together to compile a humble Newsletter sheet.

We received funding to work with Walney communities through the Health Lottery,  so far there has been film screenings and opportunities to use computers. There have also been some photography workshops; some of the results are in the newsletter.

Last week the residents of the Eamont community were interviewed by local primary school kids from North Walney Juniors who have also been working with Signal on a film in a week workshop.  They are now apart of the animation piece that is currently being edited. The film in a week workshop came about after a taster workshop with 50 of the children.

Here is their taster workshop work, the main film is still to come, watch this space!



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