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Shoot First

This was a fantastic opportunity for budding filmmakers to work with industry porfessionals to shoot a short film.

They were able to try out different skills and decide which department to be part of, received technical training and gained on-set experience.

The 25 young people involved went to make ‘The Orb’, which later took the Osprey Silver Award at Keswick Film Festival in the Short Film Awards!

Once again Signal Films has been shortlisted for the Osprey Short Film Awards in The Keswick Film Festival 2013. Following on from last year’s success of a Bronze Award in the Under 18’s category with ‘Boxed In’. A story about a young girl keen on boxing but trapped by family circumstances made with young people in Barrow.

This year’s entry ‘The Orb’, again made with young people from within the local area, devised, written and made as a group with Signal Films and industry professionals. It is an apocalyptic film set in a meeting that is taking place between members of YALT (Young Adult Leadership Team). They discuss how to ‘progress’ the situation they have been left in following the disappearance of all the adults after the discovery of a mysterious alien device.

What is particularly interesting this year is that the other nominees in the same category are also participants in Signal Films current BFI Film Academy programme.  Matthew Wood and Adam Pickford show great promise, they have independently made their own short films and have now just completed a film shoot with Signal over the half term week.  Which shows how strong this years short list is in showcasing the future’s upcoming filmmakers from Cumbria.