Sankey volunteers

A photograph from one of our archive research workshops in early 2020.
Looking at a photograph up close during one of our weekly sharing sessions.

Currently there are 20 active members who have been taking part in all sorts of activity over the lockdown period. This includes the transcribing, cataloging, description and researching of collection, including completing: 

  • 7500 photo album images
  • 2000 glass plate negatives
  • 5 original hand written catalogues containing 100’s of pages
  • 300 Sankey Postcards

And in-depth research into 100’s or images in the collection via: 

  1. Research and curation for three online exhibitions
  2. 6 facebook live events where images are shared and talked about. 
  3. Weekly zoom sharing meetings on Wednesday afternoon,  2pm – 3.30pm.

If you are interested in helping us turn this unique collection into a fascinating legacy for the future please send Julia an email at or call us on 01229 838952. 

A massive thank you to all our Volunteers who have given so much time and effort and generously shared their knowledge during the project. We are forever grateful for their ongoing support and dedication to the Sankey collection.

Jean Mcsorley     Andrew Bolton     Hugh Tunn     

Martin Bellamy     Rod White     Jonathon Powell

David Worton     John Harrison     Mrs Jaqueline Kirk     Stephe Cove    

Derek Bradley     Les Eveson     Peter Laird     Valerie Hayward

Dr Peter Schofield      Lynn Belither     Peter Naylor     Enid Milligan

Mark Brockbank      Peter Sandbach     Geoffrey Home     Martin Bates

Philip Minchom     Brian Hardwick    Rosemary Marsden 

Our Seeing the North with Sankey Project started in January 2020 with over 50 people signing up to volunteer training workshops. We held twelve in-person training workshops including an introduction to the collection; people and places in sankey photograph; archive research; descriptions images and keywording.


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak we had to halt all in-person workshops. We quickly adapted to online working and offered everyone the option to participate in supported cataloguing and research into the Sankey Family Photography Collection.