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Introducing Digital Equipment to Walney Residents

Window On Walney is our new heritage project funded by The Health Lottery and People’s Health Trust. We seek to include both young and old people, from specific parts of Walney Island in digital media training. After a fantastic turnout for our WoW launch event, seeing 125 visitors come through the doors of Walney Community Centre, Signal hosted a follow-up event for everybody interested in the future of the project. During our follow-up event on the 9th July we engaged with about 40 people from Walney. We presented more archive footage of Walney in the 1920s, which included Walney’s Jubilee Bridge after it had been built.

The second half of the event offered quick 1-hour introductions to our own digital equipment. We offered one-to-one taster sessions for the older people interested in learning how to use some of the equipment on offer; some may not have previously used this technology before. The beginner’s sessions were in photography, sound recording and filming. Many of the residents of Walney were there and were taking a big interest in having a practice on the equipment provided.

Participants were also asked to sign up if they were interested in any future workshops that the project will be offering in the near future.



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