Filmmaking Course for 11-15's

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Cooke’s Crew is a creative filmmaking course run annually for 11-15yr olds. It gives up to 15 young people the chance to work in a more holistic way with professional filmmakers to get hands-on experience in the different processes of making a film in a variety of differing and experimental ways – from ideas generation and scriptwriting to production, set design, camera, sound and editing. learning a variety of filmmaking skills, from sound recording, editing, sfx, programming and more!


Cooke’s Crew has been running for over 6 years now and we would like to thank Cumbria Housing Partners for the recent grant funding which has enabled the hugely popular filmmaking club to return after an extended hiatus. Cooke’s Crew is entirely free and open to young residents of the Barrow Borough Council-owned housing areas, geared towards those who don’t usually take up out-of-school learning opportunities.

The project is important as independent think tank DotEveryone identified people in Barrow as being Highly Likely to experience digital exclusion. Although young people inherently learn digital skills through using social media, computer games and access at school, in areas of social deprivation this does not translate to acquiring essential skills and knowledge about how to use technology productively – to improve life chances and to access job opportunities.

For more information, please call 01229 838 592 or email

“I’m incredibly excited for this year’s Cooke’s crew, it’s always a brilliant project but this year we want to step things up a bit. Each workshop we will be learning a brand new digital skill, the participants will then go on to choose what area they want to continue with. We will be doing skills workshops that I would have loved to have done as a young person”. 

– Sophie Broadgate, Cooke’s Crew Project Manager

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