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Cooke’s Crew Young Animation Club Receive Awards

On Wednesday 25th June we welcomed back some of our Cooke’s Crew participants to see the screening of the final cut of their animation ‘Tweet’. They were delighted with the new speech bubble effect that animated the story even further.  For those of you that don’t know, Cooke’s Crew was one of the Inspiring Barrow Projects, a scheme that is being run across Barrow through different organisations.  Cooke’s Crew was a weekly film club of which 11-16 year olds come along and learn about film and in this case specifically animation techniques.  Over a period of months the young participants made puppets, a large set and animated different parts to produce a short film .To watch ‘Tweet’ Cooke’s Crew animation click here

Those involved with the project came to Signal’s workshop each week where they also produced work for their Bronze Arts Award.  The Arts Award involved Cooke’s Crew taking an active part in researching and writing about people within film and television who’ve inspired them, which then lead to discussions into how they could make their own puppets. A great part of Cooke’s Crew was delivered through the sharing of learnt skills and techniques with others and the option to critique and help each other in the group.  They all passed easily and received their certificates at the screening event!

Cooke’s Crew will continue in the Autumn and we shall be recruiting for participants aged 11-16 years old in the Barrow Borough area soon!


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