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Circle of Life



CIRCLE OF LIFE was created by 13 young people from Barrow and the surrounding areas, aged 8-11yrs in the 2019 Summer holidays as part of our Signal Starters “Film-in-a-Week” programme.

Focusing on environmental themes that the young people chose as important to them, CIRCLE OF LIFE tells us of the impact made by some of the smallest creatures in our oceans, and just how vital they are to us all. The young people learned news skills in: storytelling, character design, stop-motion animation, voice acting and editing to create this piece.

The short film premiered on Monday 23rd September as part of a celebration event for the year-long Signal Starters programme, where the screening event for family and friends was also attended by Barrow’s Deputy Mayor, Helen Wall and Cumbria’s High Sheriff, Marcia Fotheringham. 

This short film production would not have been made possible without support from: