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Online Showcase: Films to Help You Online

ABOUT #NotWithoutMe We’ve come to the end of our #NotWithoutMe digital initiative project, which allowed teenagers and young adults the opportunity to gain access to digital skills workshops to engage them towards understanding how they can use the internet to it’s full advantage. The scheme aimed to equip them with the skills and information that they need for their future independence. Through the medium of film they were able to express the challenges and difficulties they face online and they specifically wanted to make something that would educate the adults in their lives as well.

The scheme equipped them with video recording, editing and script writing skills through workshops and a total of 3 films were produced. The films are to work as a resource for institutions, care-workers, parents and foster parents to watch and gain more understanding of the basic digital needs for young people. They are all available and accessible for you to click, watch and download. You can also request a copy on DVD.

What we’re asking of you…

  1. Watch the films produced click here
  2. Download the special flyer/resource for you to use in your projects and workshops: Carnegie_ONLINESHOWCASE 
  3. HELP US: We have created a short survey so that we can share our findings with the funders of this projects.  All we ask, if you could kindly watch the videos (the link to the films is below) afterwards we fill in some feedback… Thank you for your time, CLICK HERE TO FILL IN FEEDBACK


NEXT WORKSHOPS If anyone has a group of young people they would like to bring to Signal to see the films together (or elsewhere) and hear about what we do at Signal then get in touch as there is a new project about to start.

To talk to a member of staff about this project then call 01229 838592 /