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Anti-Bullying Film Projects

Barrow based youth organisations commissioned Signal to help train participants how to create films for their own anti-bullying projects. Signal worked with Dropzone and Children’s Serviced to educate participants in learning filmmaking skills in order to create their own campaigns for the big-screen and online. The films were screened at the Forum 28th June to a large audience of schools and youth organisations. The films include animation and live action drama.

Dropzone worked on an anti-bullying campaign through funding from The Police Crime Commissioner which saw their project ‘Stop Being Mean on the Screen’ come to life in a short stop-frame animation, participants worked with Signal and Russell Peet, a local animator. This film is being shown around schools in Barrow-in-Furness to spread and target their campaign. To watch this click here

Children Services and Furness Youth Council created ‘Magic Person’, a short animation looking at how an individual can overcome bullying through finding your own special, trusted adult. To watch this click here

The Children Services and Furness Youth Council also created a short film with Signal’s support to create a dramatised campaign about online ‘trolling’ and it’s repercussions. ‘Cyberworld’ was produced using real actors. To watch this click here