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Window on Walney Workshop

Window on Walney’s first workshop started in South Walney Juniors at the beginning of June with 26 year 6 pupils having the opportunity to learn digital animation skills working with local Animator Russell Peet. Children got to grips with the basic skills of creating stop motion animation and developed an appreciation of the time, effort and patience involved in producing animation.

The workshop began with looking at some example animations and how they were produced, and at the levels of time and resources involved. Children then made their own puppets with card and split pins, and quickly got to grips with using animation software (Dragon Motion). The mini animations they created were based on old postcards of Walney Island.
Feedback from evaluation after the workshop shows that not only are the children inspired to carry on making their own animations but they want to show others how to do it too – ‘I would like to tell people what I’ve learnt’ one child said. They were amazed at how easily they managed to create animations. When asked what they had learned, one child reported ‘How to make policeman fly!’ Everyone reported feeling good about their achievements: ‘I feel happy and proud of myself for trying something new.’

Michelle Banks (Year 6 teacher at South Walney Juniors) says the first session was a grate success: ‘The children thoroughly enjoyed having a go at their own animation; every child succeeded at their own level, was on task and had fun!’.

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