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Still from Autism Awareness short.

Autism Awareness Ad

A look at college life from the point-of-view of an autistic student.

Made by Barrow teens aged 16-19yrs as part of the ‘Get Digital – In Your Face project’ funded by Cumbria Police Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall for Cumbria Hate Crime Awareness Week (5-11th February 2019). More info on the project can be found at:

If you have witnessed or been the victim of a hate incident then please report it! The information will be used by the Police and partner organisations to provide help and support to the victim, deal with the person(s) responsible and prevent similar incidents happening in the future. All incidents are taken very seriously and treated in the strictest confidence. In an emergency call 999 to contact the Police otherwise head to: HATE CRIME REPORTING for Cumbria Police