Rhiannon Hunter

A conversation shared over time, geographical space and told through multiple voices and visual moments.

Sliced Time explores sensory experiences of everyday domestic spaces and an imagined world beyond, brought to life through the stories of others, stories told along phone lines or fiber-optic cables, digitally beamed into the artist’s personal world during the Summer and Autumn 2020.

The film follows a conversation that weaves through time and geographical space, told through multiple voices and visual moments. It consists of fragments of places — images, field recordings, diary entries, phone conversations — that were taken and shared throughout lockdown in Summer and Autumn 2020. As the practice of relating to each other through mobile phone and laptop screens is accelerated through post-pandemic living, Hunter’s piece examines how we build community and retain a sense of place.

The Pool was part of Signal Film & Media’s digital development opportunities for Cumbrian artists during lockdown in 2020. The initiative aimed to provide a platform for artists who wanted to reach out, discuss, network and engage– with each other and the subject of COVID-19, but also to look at the ways artists and creatives living in Cumbria can expand their own practice.

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