Sankey Photo Albums Reimagined

Zoe Forster

The Sankey Photography Collection is a remarkable archive of thousands of photographs made by two generations of photographers from Barrow-in-Furness. Here, they are reimagined using digital film, and layered with cinematic transitions to keep the feeling of analogue present within the albums.

Captivated by materials and tangible objects, Zoe Forster has taken the Sankey Photography Collection and The West Coast of Cumbria that they spectacularly document and worked them into a new piece.  Hailing from the coastal town of Silloth, Zoe has a particular interest in the representation of West Cumbrians. By moving outside of traditional gallery spaces, the piece attempts to be more accommodating to the people living in the area that she captures.

Questions of scale and self-representation also run throughout the work. Animated by the act of making images public and the potential for people to look up and see themselves, the piece seeks to challenge the idea of the monument through making what seems everyday into something monumental.

Source is a development lab for emerging Cumbrian Artists working alongside Cumbrian Cultural Organisations, artists and curators. Led by Signal Film and Media in partnership with Cumbria Museum Consortium.

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