Ashley Holmes in collaboration with:
Isobel, Jenny, Ellie
Emily-Jayne, Lewis, Erin,
Ashton, Joss, Ciara, Josh

Made by a group of people aged 16-19 from across Cumbria together with artist & DJ Ashley Holmes, The Fells with Iron Ribbons is an experimental sound work — a sonic tapestry weaving together threads of memory, identity and each young person’s relationship to the West Coast. 

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The Fells with Iron Ribbons has been produced through a series of workshop sessions led by Ashley Holmes encouraging collaboration and discussion around contemporary forms of storytelling. Together, the participants sought to learn about approaches of working with sound, field recordings & archiving.

The group of young people responded to a series of questions: how do we listen to things today? Where is it stored? How can we think about making reference to landmarks through sound? They have also been investigating the divide between urban or industrial space and the natural landscape, as well as local dialects, accents and the contemporary mythology of Cumbria & the West Coast.

The piece is accompanied by photographs produced by the young people during the project.

A colour landscape photograph of a beach on the west coast of cumbria. On the beach there are various rockpools and a pile of rocks in the shape of an anchor.
© Lewis, age 16
A colour landscape photograph of a boy sat down on a patch of grass by the sea. With the sea in the background with off shore wind farm in the far distance.
© Lewis, age 16
A colour photograph of a wooden door in a stone building. On top of the door is a stone carved sign with the date 1932 on it.
© Emily-Jayne. age 18
A black and white photograph of sea foam along the west coast of cumbria.
© Ellie Moffett
A black and white photograph a person stood in a tunnel. The sun is behind them so they are in silhouette. Through the entrance to the tunnel you can see a glimpse of the coastline.
© Ellie Moffett
A close up colour image of the inside of a flower.
© Jenny, age 17
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