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Our BFI Participant Took Part in VFX Residency

Leah Tomkinson, 16, from Walney Island took part in an 8 day VFX residency in Amersham. Leah is part of our BFI Film Academy programme that ran from October 2014-February 2015 for 16-19s.

Leah was chosen through the BFI  to attend the Centroid Monsters, Myths and Legends Academy  in Amersham. This was an intense programme that offered participants the chance to learn how to create an action based trailer; from coming up with the initial idea, through to concept design and 3D creation and finally onto adding effects and editing it together.

Leah was mentored by students who are studying VFX already and they guided her through all the processes that are involved in producing a movie. Leah got the chance to visit Pinewood studios and was visited by industry professionals who gave her invaluable tips on getting into the Visual Effects industry.

Leah said ‘I found it interesting to learn the art of human movement transferred onto computer aided design.’

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