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We finished our last cinema season on such a high, we just couldn’t wait to tell you all about what we have in store for cinema-lovers in the local area!

So to launch ourselves into 2017 with a whole new energy, we have decided to knock our themes on the head for a while and focus entirely on what we hope is an exciting and innovative program which mixes classic films titles, and thrilling, brand-new short films as well as the best and brightest new independent cinema showings you might have missed first time around!


We’re also excited to announce we’ll be collaborating with The Drawing Room at 121-123 Duke St, to make one of our screenings each month super special – by a change of venue and the added bonus of some awesome cocktails and drinks offers!

This month we’ll be raving about TWO upcoming short film nights: We’ll be working in conjunction with the Holocaust Day Memorial Trust to present a special free screening with guests on the 20th January as well as with Barrow-born filmmaker Mike Scott to showcase his highly-acclaimed film night BRAIN WASH – featuring 15 hand-picked shorts on a Northwest theme!

As well as having two entirely free events next season – we’ll also be bringing in some wonderful guests to present and introduce as many of the screenings as we can! Click this link to see our new programme.

These films were carefully chosen by our Signal Cinema committee members, with great consideration for the taste and interests of the local people living in Barrow. There will be at least 3 screenings a month of classics, modern Indie greats or family friendly films screened at our 60 seat capacity community cinema. The cinema is based in Cooke’s Studios on Abbey Road, next door to the Duke of Edinburgh. For those looking to get involved with the Signal Cinema Committee, or if you have any film suggestions please email us at: