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Film Insiders Talent Festival 2010

Over 170 people attended the town’s Film Insider’s Talent Festival over the weekend, where they had the chance to chat with Neil Marshall, director of blockbusters Centurion and Doomsday, and learn Wilde director Brian Gilbert’s methods for getting good performances from actors.

Mr Gilbert, who directed Stephen Fry, Jude Law and Orlando Bloom (in his screen debut as an unknown) in the 1993 Oscar Wilde biopic, led a four-day course with a group of 11 up-and-coming directors, which culminated in a live session with actors rehearsing a scene in front of a larger audience during the festival weekend.

Other activities which proved popular at the free event included animation workshops, screenings and advice sessions from industry talent from across the UK. It was the second outing for the festival which ran from Friday 5th – Sunday 7th March and took place at the Forum, the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel and the Custom House.