Work Experience

A blog post by Jessica Kirby.

“The main reason that I decided to choose Signal Films for my work experience was because the media GCSE is my favourite one that I’m studying and I enjoy media a lot.”

My name is Jessica Kirby and I’m 15. At the moment, I am studying media, drama and art at Furness Academy. I usually enjoy acting, drawing and also maths most of the time. The main reason that I decided to choose Signal Film and Media for my work experience was because the media GCSE is my favourite one that I’m studying and I enjoy media a lot. I wanted to get a much better understanding in the media industry as my teacher suggested that I should work with media. I thought this would be the best option as I had been here previously and I enjoyed my time.

Day 1:

The week started with a brief introduction and tour around the building. Later, this was followed by watching a few videos of different short films and then the BTS (behind the scenes) from some of them. This helped me gain a little more knowledge on the world of work in media and also how much people have to go through in the development process. I also had to go and do some audio recordings for Into Film. I helped with the recording and also the voice overs which allowed me to have a try with some of the sound recording kit. My first day confused me a lot.

Day 2:

On the second day, I organised the statistics of some newspaper articles into different categories within a file which all linked to social issues. Then I started to explore the social media pages from the company. The second day seemed to be much more enjoyable than my first.

Day 3:

This day was shorter than all my other days as it ended at 12 so I mainly did a draft for 2 social media posts, one for Facebook and one for Twitter. Day 3 was one of my personal favourites as I learnt a lot more about scheduling. I also got to take home a camera so I could take pictures and try out a Nikon D60 for the first time.

Day 4:

Day 4 was the most relaxed day as I had to use Adobe Photoshop. I was new to this so the majority of my day was taken up by watching tutorials on how to use the system to edit pictures. I applied some of these new skills by editing the photos which I took from day 3. Personally, I believe that day 4 was one of the nicest days for working.

Day 5:

My final day was spent by learning how to design a WordPress page on Signal Film and Media’s website for so I could post this blog about how my work experience went. This caused me to be slightly unsure at first but I later got the hang of it.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my work experience and I would definitely come back to Signal Film and Media again in order to do more projects. My favourite parts were learning how to use a Mac as this was my first time and also taking the camera home to figure out how to use it as a more independent task. I also enjoyed the feeling of relaxation by putting earphones in and listening to music. Thank you for such a great time this week and I’m excited to see what the future holds. 

Below are some of the photos I took which allowed me to experiment with perspective and focus throughout day 3.