That Hall is Woven of Serpent's Spines

Exhibition Opening Times:

12 July – 3 Aug

Wed-Sat | 11am-6pm

Thurs til’ 7pm

Drop-in family friendly workshops every Saturday 11am-5pm

Exhibition trail with Barrow Library & The Dock Museum Wed – Sat | 11am -4pm 


Blackpool-born artist Will Kendrick is the first commissioned artist for Platform. Will’s work often blends the digital or virtual world with the natural, historical or ‘human’ world. His new exhibition for PLATFORM considers how Barrow is linked to Nordic vikings, through artefacts recently unearthed that suggest vikings at least came ashore, if not had settlements in the region. This lead him to explore Nordic mythology, specifically the story of the serpent that eats at the tree of life.

Will is interested in how what is considered true history, such as the vikings, and myths can become intertwined in the modern world, as historical information is increasingly spread, translated and reinterpreted through online platforms, asking us to think about authenticity and how our perceptions of what is ‘true’ and authentic might be altered.

The immersive exhibition which is brand new and commissioned especially for Platform, takes place in a darkened, derelict space at Cooke’s Studios. It will feature large-scale sculpture, video projection and sound, mixing together references of both the natural and man-made world.

There is also a series of free, hands-on workshops inspired by the exhibition for both young people and adults to take part in.

We will be hosting family-friendly, drop-in workshops every Saturday 11-5 during the exhibition, where all ages can have fun getting hands-on with being creative whilst enjoying free refreshments.