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“Unearthed” Exhibition took place at Florence Mine, Egremont in February 2013. Developed as part of a residency at the mine with artist and ‘videosmith’ Sam Meech, the project was delivered by Signal Film and Media and funded by Arts Council England to provide local artists, photographers and filmmakers with new opportunities to work in digital art.

The show featured several impressive new moving image installations including a time-lapse film exploring coastal erosion, a digitally painted animation of live sushi and a hypnotic HD video installation of soil particles suspended in oil.

The residency preceding the exhibition took place from October 2012 to Feb 2013, where the participating artists were introduced to production techniques including stop-motion animation, video editing and sound recording. For the exhibition, the artists have been responding to the setting of the mine, creating works that examine the notion of ‘unearthing’ through use of found footage, animation, video and documentary. The artists involved in the project have also been contributing to a blog with posts on the progress of their works, which can be found at:

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