SIGNAL STARTERS is a film and media project kindly supported by BBC Children in Need. It aims to direct youngsters aged 8-11, in the Barrow-in-Furness area, towards developing their digital media skills including camera, sound, photography, editing and animation.

Our next series of workshops will take place during the Easter holidays.

If you have a young person who is interested in doing something fun and creative then get in touch with Sophie on 01229 838592 /

Films 2017-18

Two films were made during the 2017-18 workshops, Penguins from Outta Space and Dinosaur Ridge. Both stories looked at working together and celebrating individual differences. 



The Day Before Christmas (December 2016)

To get into the Christmas spirit a group of young people worked together to create this animation. They went through the entire process of story creation, character design, animation and editing. The film explores friendship in a time of need.


The Lost Roar

A group of 10 young people working with filmmaker Karen Bird on an animation project that looked into identity. The project encouraged them to explore story by learning about protagonists and antagonists and they got the chance to all make characters out of plasticine. They worked on an impressively large circus set. They began to understand all the different size shots as well as lighting and animation equipment. Finally creating a film about a lion who lost his roar who eventually proved to the other circus animals who he really was.


Welcome to Barrow: June 2016

For this project we worked closely with the Care Council organisation to gather together young people in the area who were really interested in working on something creative. Together we devised a vlogging workshop which gave the young people the opportunity to present their own film in a youtube vlog style using real filmmaking equipment. They shot their own footage in and around Barrow town.


The Box of Dreams: February 2016

Working with a group towards a short film with industry professional and director of Doctors Sam Harrie. The group who got the chance to create their own short film in a week. During this project the young people wanted to help their audience understand the meaning of selflessness by portraying characters learning a valuable lesson in how not to be selfish.

The Lost Story: August 2015

The Lost Story: working with a group towards a short film production with industry professional and director of tv show Doctors, Sam Harrie. Sam worked with the group alongside a number of Signal staff towards making a short film. They came up with a story that aimed to motivate other children to read more books.

Film in a Week: Big and Small 

Summer 2014 was a busy one. For a whole week in July we mentored 13 youngsters aged 8-11 in making their own short film. The group were introduced to filmmaking equipment including sound, microphones, booms and a professional camera. The workshop was led by a London based Director Samantha Harrie, who offered the participants the opportunity to understand the roles and teamwork needed for filmmaking. The kids also worked towards gaining their Explore Arts Award.


John Woodcock Furness Summer Camp 

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We teamed up with John Woodcock’s Furness Summer Camp to lead on two days of exciting digital workshops. The 3-week camp was held at Furness College in Barrow-in-Furness. Three stations including Film, Photography and Animation were set up and we mentored 50, 9-10 year old kids in some basic digital media skills.


Signal Starters Workshop – Slapstick Comedy Workshop – Victoria Juniors School July 2014

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Signal delivered a short workshop  on the theme of slapstick comedy to a group of 12 year 4 pupils from Victoria Juniors. The children were introduced to Laurel and Hardy films, and were asked to think of a funny story that they could create in this style. They finally filmed it using Signal’s own camera equipment. The workshop aimed to teach the participants camera angles, story development and the roles required in film making.


Signal Starters Workshop Whit Week 2014 

Signal programmed a series of mini taster workshops during Whit Week 2014; with help from outside film and media professionals we tutored a select number of primary school children in Barrow-in-Furness in animation and story writing. The participants worked towards creating a short shadow puppet animation within these 3 days and ended with a live screening to family and friends along with a short Q&A. This opportunity also offered the involved youngsters the chance to gain their Explore Arts Award.