Labouring the Landscape is an ongoing photography course running over two sites: Barrow-In-Furness and Whitehaven, and since the lockdown, also online. Photographer Robert Parkinson is working with 20 local people, covering a wide variety of photographic methods through workshops and mentoring sessions. The course will culminate in a group exhibition that explores the landscapes of the region while expanding on what this means to the people that live locally. 

From the beginning of the course, group members were encouraged to develop their own photographic eye and interests through a series of “challenges”. These challenges were designed to inspire ideas and news ways of taking photographs. They also provided a practical framework for everyone to get to grips with both digital and film photography equipment. 


Male tutor advises woman takes photograph on DSLR camera during workshop

 Sophie Broadgate (Signal Film and Media staff member) :

“It’s been an amazing journey so far, Robert’s approach to teaching has created an environment where everyone’s ideas are heard and the learning feels organic. I am really excited for the next step in this programme where the artists will put together their group exhibition with Robert’s support. I can’t wait to share this beautiful work with the public when we can”. 

© Marie Broaders image Courtesy of the Artist