Greg, Sarah and Steve all have one thing in common, they’re seeking employment. However, a ‘checkered history’ hinders their chances. These short films are the culmination of a project where we worked with ex-offenders to help improve their own skills through exploring creative digital media.

The aim was to produce films that raise awareness to employers of the issues faced by ex-offenders trying to gain employment or volunteering – and to help address and challenge the stigmas surrounding employing ex-offenders.

Two female friends are on a mission to rediscover the heady days of their youth. At a late night, isolated party in the countryside one of them discovers this might be more difficult than she imagined.

Just Before Dawn was funded through the UK Film Council’s Digishorts scheme, and executive produced by Vision+Media, the UK Film Council’s regional screen agency based in the UK’s Northwest.

Volatile Darren forces his way onto Neil’s fishing boat where the two men must face up to a dark secret from their past.

A short film made with UK Film Council’s completion funding 2009

Forced to betray his son’s trust, David is brought face to face with the harshness of the natural world, and his own failure to comprehend it.

A man who fears the worst when his beloved dog goes missing sets out with his girlfriend to confront the local gamekeeper.

A short film made with UK Film Council’s completion funding 2008

A wry story that tries to find some sense in one man’s obsession with drills.

An inquisitive sound recordist ventures into an underground cavern in search of sounds. Only when it’s too late does he realise he’s not alone

A North West Vision UK Film Council Mini Digi Short.