HADOUKEN! (3mins 33)
FRANK TURNER (3mins 17)

Get it Loud in Libraries: ‘Hadouken!’ (2010), ‘Frank Turner (2015)’, ‘We Are Scientists’ (2016), ‘Nilüfer Yanya’ (2018)

Commission from Get It Loud In Libraries to document behind the scenes of their unique award-winning project designed to give people who love music, the chance to see top-notch artists in their local library delivering high quality gigs. Filmed at Barrow Central, Lancaster and Liverpool Central libraries featuring breakthrough and established music acts.

After a century on earth, which memories really matter?

For Annie Day, who turned 100 in May 2012, it’s the day her young son Brian brought a German Prisoner of War to Christmas dinner almost 70 years ago which marked the start of an enduring lesson in love, loss and acceptance.

A short film made as part of ‘Cooke’s Creative Heritage’ project; a Heritage Lottery funded project which collected the oral histories of people from the Furness area.

The German Who Came to Tea was screened in festivals around the world.

A short documentary commissioned by Barrow Borough Council charting the refurbishment of the Grade 2 listed Winders building at 102 Abbey Road.

Forest Pitch is an art project by Craig Coulthard created as part of the London 2012 Festival and Cultural Olympiad. A full size football pitch was created in a commercial spruce forest in the Scottish Borders. In August 2012, two football matches were played on the pitch. This enigmatic and mysterious portrait documents the match day events.

 A short film made for Kendal Arts International, documenting their programme of world-class performance and arts events in the spectacular landscapes of the Lake District, Cumbria.

Feature length documentary broadcast by C4

A sad sympathetic film which throws up key questions about the lack of scruples, legislation and protection that come with the influx of economic migrants’ THE GUARDIAN

This film chronicles the aftermath of the tragedy, from the horror as dawn broke, to recent attempts by locals to prevent overfishing of the cockle beds. Most interestingly, Slater interviews the pickers themselves, whose ambition combines with the fear of the gangs. The story is one of greed and great sadness’. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH