A series of online Photography & creative writing workshops responding to the Sankey Family Photographic & Postcard collection.

The Behind the Postcard group are taking part in artist led online workshops and producing creative work in response to The Sankey archive of photography and postcards. The weekly workshops have covered different styles of photography, collage, working with found items and creative writing. 

Each tutor has brought their own practice and perspective to the group. So far we have worked with Robert Parkinson (Photographer), Kate Davies (Writer / Poet) and Suzie Larke (Photographer) as well as Signal Staff members Sophie Broadgate (Filmmaker), Charlotte Davies (Illustrator / Artist) and Julia Parks (Filmmaker / Photographer).  

All workshops are being held online using equipment that is available to the participants, creating a unique opportunity to hone into the craft of image making and writing without the obstacle of new technology. It challenged the group to re-evaluate their relationship to camera phones, a device often used for snapping quick photos but rarely to capture considered imagery. 

Initial workshops built up the group’s skills and allowed them to develop personal styles and ways of working.

Using the Sankey images as a reference the group are now reflecting on how they would like to see our current time represented through image and written word, creating an archive of their own which will be shared through an online exhibition later this year. 

Workshops run every Thursday online via Zoom. If you would like to get involved contact Sophie Broadgate