Tim Pugh, Di McGhee & Schoolchildren of the West Coast

7th October – 6th November 2021

Cooke’s Studio, Barrow-in-Furness
Opening Times: Wed – Sat, 10am-5pm


Florence Arts Centre, Egremont
Opening Times: Wed-Sun, 11am-4pm

A colour photograph of three people sat around a display of green stones with pencils. The three people are sat cross legged and the camera has taken the photograph from the top looking birds eyes view down to the three people.

How can we learn to practice care for the planet, for all ages? During summer 2021 we have worked with over 150 schoolchildren from across the West Coast to make a new body of work reflecting on pollution and the responsibility we all have to exercise care for our environment, on both local and planetary levels.

Lead by Cumbria-based environmental artists Tim Pugh & Di McGhee, the project seeks to engage local young people to reflect on the impact of climate change and pollution on their local area, while exploring the coastal landscape and learning new skills in both analogue and digital photography.

The workshops involved combing the region’s beaches, streets and hills for discarded materials. The schoolchildren then worked these into sculptures, which were photographed using both digital and analogue cameras. 

In recent years the state of the planet has grown increasingly critical, but younger generations have proven to be collectively capable of caring for the environment in a way that older generations  have failed to do. From Greta Thunberg’s school strikes to a reluctance to engage in wasteful practices, young people are channeling a reinvigorated sense of responsibility.

If your school is interested in an exhibition visit as part of our Autumn Programme from 8th October – 7th November, please email

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