Exhibitions at Cooke’s Studios, Barrow-in-Furness
Launching Thursday 7 October

In October we will launch West Coast Photo Festival Chapter Two — a continuation of the festival with exhibitions, workshops, talks and events across venues in Barrow-in-Furness.

The exhibition About at Cooke’s studio will present two new bodies of work presenting fresh grapplings with the starkness of the West Coast. Vanessa Winship shoots in striking black and white whilst rising star Phoebe Kiely uses traditional darkroom techniques, in their attempts to chart the savage beauty of the region’s crags, shores and communities.

Cumbrian Focus brings together six leading artists for a new look at the physical and social terrain of the region. The projects on show offer far-reaching reflections on time and shifts taking place in the landscape, coupled with closer looks at the everyday ways people navigate the West Coast: from strange forms of tourism in places unexpected, to the simple day-to-day activities of dog walking. Featuring work from Mario Popham, Philip Green, Marie Smith, John Darwell, Katrin Joost and Henry Iddon.

Meanwhile in Barrow-in-Furness indoor market, The Caravan Gallery are launching an alternative visitor centre and crowdsourced exhibition. Over the autumn, they invite anyone to bring in photos and memories, contributing to a collective reframing of the region. This will be animated by a series of participatory workshops. Finally, work from the inaugural West Coast Photo Festival Open Call in partnership with Florence Arts Centre will be revealed, both in gallery exhibitions and online. Responding to the theme of ‘Elements’, the works ask what it means to be in one’s element, to be exposed to the elements, and what it means to have things reduced to their barest, simplest, elemental forms.
© John Darwell
A colour photograph of the blue sea with a blue sky with clouds.
© Mario Popham
A colour photograph of water with ripples on and in the horizon is the edge of the water with a small building and trees in black silhoutte. The sky has clouds with the sun behind them. The photograph has been stretched in to a panoramic containing multiple photographs in one stitched together.
© Katrin Joost
A colour photograph of a collage of different photographs split into horizontal strips. The different photographs that have been cut up in to the collage inlclude an upside down building, a patch of grass, some trees and furness abbey.
© Marie Smith
Two photographs in black and white next to one another with a white border around them. The photograph on the left shows a building half demolished. In the middle of the brick wall of the partly demolished building is some spray painted graffiti with a love heart around two initials. The photograph on the right shows a shutter of a shop unit full closed. In front of the shop unit is a sign spray painted on the floor indicating that people must maintain social distancing of staying two metres apart.
© Philip Green
A colour photograph with a picnic bench in the foreground of a rural landscape. The wooden picnic bench has a red and white gingam cloth over the top. In the background there is a hill top.
© Henry Iddon
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