Running time 8m 26s

A conversation shared over time, geographical space and told through multiple voices and visual moments.


The piece explores sensory experiences of being within physical domestic spaces and the imagined world beyond, brought to life through the stories of others told along phone lines or hyperoptic cables and digitally beamed into the artist’s personal world during the Summer and Autumn 2020.

The film montages moving image, audio recordings, diary entries and photographs of spaces that became significant to her during lockdown, with those obtained from friends and family as they individually documented and archived their lives through mobile phone screens. The visual documentation is combined with excerpts from recorded phone conversations and reflections creating a space ‘where we collectively sought to make connections with each other and locate ourselves amidst the pandemic where time, geographies and formalities had been ruptured to create a new space for being.’  Sliced Time grapples with articulating the intimacy of micro moments when scale and measurable lateral time became distorted, compressed and sliced.


Rhiannon is a visual artist whose work responds to physical and psychological connections to belonging. She is interested in relationships between places, people and environments. Her work often plays with urban geometries to create visual narratives that are suggestive of the familiar yet reside in the unknown. Her work spans mediums to include film, collage, drawing, sculptural form and participatory research that involves working with individuals and groups.

She studied Fine Art and Textiles at Goldsmiths College University, London. She has exhibited internationally and is co-founder of ‘Surface Matters’ 2020, a platform for exploring art making and materiality.

Accessibility Notes

Sliced Time contains layers of ambient sound with excerpts from audio conversations throughout. Sliced Time is not subtitled.

Ambient sounds include wind, birds tweeting, a ticking clock, traffic noise, aeroplanes, a radio, a child’s voice, a fly buzzing, and raindrops.


This film was created as part of ‘The New Etiquette’, a series of Micro Commissions by Signal Film & Media and supported by Arts Council England during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The brief invited artists from Cumbria to respond to the question: During these extraordinary times, how do we behave?

These micro-commissions took place alongside The Pool, a new project from Signal Film & Media which aims to connect digital artists in Cumbria & beyond during the pandemic.

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