TIDAL explores the unique proximity of the urban centre of Barrow-in-Furness with the coastlines that outline it. Signal have commissioned three artists for this first exhibition to reframe and investigate what the coast means to people and the planet.

Talks, workshops and family-friendly activities will be running during this month-long exhibition. More details can be found from the main tidal page or please scroll to the bottom of the page.


Cooke’s Studios,


102-104 Abbey Road,

LA14 5QR

Exhibition Opening Times:

Sat 1st  April – Sat 29th April

Open Wed – Sat | 10am – 4pm

jack brown

© Jack Brown: Image Courtesy of the Artist

You and Me, Outside is the first of a series of artworks produced for TIDAL to be exhibited by Manchester based artist, Jack Brown and local young people. 

Jack Brown has been working with year 10 pupils during February and March exploring the exhilarating Barrow coastline and creating artwork through exploration of geographical and social boundaries. This collection of works culminates in sculpture, film, digital imagery and even karaoke. A response to this beautiful place and the objects that we see everyday….but don’t always notice.

My work looks at the overlooked, things that should be given more than a passing glance, moments that would benefit from magnification. The works I make are often found, realised, made or placed in the public realm.”

Jack was one of the 13 featured artists in SFM’s Under the Northern Sky exhibition in 2018 – the finale of the North West Artist’s Development Lab, part of ACE Platform project.

Artists, Jack Brown and David Haley explained more about the creation of their current artworks at Cooke’s Studios on 21st April from 13:00-14:30

Jack Brown, ‘Fake Nails and Driftwood’ (2023).
Jack Brown, 'Walking sticks and branches' (2023)
Jack Brown, 'Stepping out of the ordinary’ (2023)
Jack Brown, 'It's Tidal baby!' (2023)


©Ellie Hoskins - Image courtesy of the artist

Artist Elllie Hoskins‘ micro-commission, Fly on the Wall, will be a playful interaction between animation, text and sculpture which drifts between sincere and poetic language, and humour. The overall narrative considers everyday domestic habits and how they impact on our ability to go out, into and enjoy nature.

Working-class creative Ellie is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who originally comes from Wigton, Cumbria and is currently living & working in Liverpool. Her work is diaristic, frank and funny, combining slapstick millennial nihilism with an immersion in the rituals and details of everyday working life.

“I think what I’m mostly inspired by is content that comes from a very human place, like proper gut-level feelings expressed successfully enough to be gut-wrenching when communicated to someone else. And so when it’s consumed you feel less alone”


©David Haley - Image courtesy of the artist

Artist and researcher David Haley uses the dynamic tide systems of his home island of Walney for his film / installation piece EQUINOX: a day with an ocean’s edge. Visitors will experience the tide’s twelve hour cycle.

“This water has travelled many thousands of miles on the North Atlantic gyre to fill and invigorate this dynamic space; and then it empties, only to be filled again…”

David specialises in the fields of cultural approaches to the climate emergency and species extinction. For twenty-five years, he has published academically in addition to urban ecology performed through acts of community walking; a poetic mapping of global desertification; a new creation myth emerging from the mingling of freshwater and rising seas; and a series of poetic texts, written and performed to challenge societies’ inept response to Climate Change.

Other tidal activities


21 April 2023


ANIMATION COURSE for 8-11yr olds

3 – 6 April 2023



3 + 4 December 2022