Filmmaking Course for 16-19's

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For the last six years, we have partnered up with the BFI to offer an exciting three-month filmmaking course, open to young people living in Cumbria or North Lancashire who are not in university. The  exciting course is for 16-19 year olds who love film and is part of a national BFI scheme to train up a new generation of filmmaking talent. The course is led by film industry professionals and includes the opportunity to gain professionally recognised qualifications.

The filmmaking course includes:

  1. Workshops with visiting industry professionals in screenwriting, cinematography, directing, sound recording, editing, art department, hair and makeup and producing

  2. A two-day film shoot where participants are mentored by professional film crew in the discipline of their choice.

  3. An accredited, industry-recognised Skillset qualification in ‘Preparing to Work in the Film Industry.’

“I did not realise the amount of people from the industry we would get to talk to. This course has decided for me what I want to study at uni. It has given me a solid grounding.” 

– BFI 2016 Participant

The UK’s film industry is rapidly growing and desperately needs new workers. The BFI expects 30,000 new jobs to be created over the next 5-10 years and wants to encourage people from outside of cities to take their first steps towards a career in an exciting and creative sector.

The BFI Academy takes place in evenings, weekends and during the October half-term. Bursaries are available for those who have far to travel.

Participants also get the chance to advance onto a residential at one of the world’s top film schools, the National Film and Television School near London.

For more information, please call 01229 838 592 or email

“Many participants use their BFI Academy experience and references to secure university places and to get jobs in the film industry. Film is one of the big success stories in the British economy at present, and we want to make sure young people from our neck of the woods have a chance to see how it can be a viable and exciting career opportunity.”

– Signal Film & Media 

Co-Director, Kerry Kolbe



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